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Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh Cực Hay 2022

Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ cùng các bạn tìm hiểu về các bài thi hùng biện tiếng Anh. Hãy theo dõi nhé. 

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Những cuộc thi hùng biện tiếng Anh ra đời nhằm nâng cao năng lực cũng như phát triển tư duy của các bạn học sinh. Vậy bạn đã bao giờ tham gia cuộc thi hùng biện chưa? Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ cùng các bạn tìm hiểu về các bài thi hùng biện tiếng Anh hay và chọn lọc. 

Cấu Trúc Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh

Cấu Trúc Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh
Cấu Trúc Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh

Cũng như khi chúng ta viết luận, các bài thi hùng biện tiếng Anh sẽ gồm có 3 phần:

  • Mở đầu
  • Nội dung chính
  • Kết luận

Mở đầu

Ở phần này, bạn sẽ giới thiệu qua về chủ đề hùng biện. 

Thường thì bạn sẽ đưa ra: câu dẫn nhập, câu chủ đề. Có rất nhiều cách mở đầu các bài hùng thi biện tiếng anh như là:

  • Dùng lời trích dẫn
  • Một ví dụ hay 1 câu chuyện 
  • Sự kiện hoặc ý tưởng gây ngạc nhiên 
  • Quan điểm được nhiều người ủng hộ 
  • Câu hỏi

Nội dung chính

Phần này thường thì các bạn cần chia ra 2-3 ý chính bạn muốn phân tích, mỗi ý chính này gồm các ý phụ kèm ví dụ minh hoạ để làm rõ nội dung. 

Ngoài ra, các bạn không được quên câu chủ đề (topic sentence) để củng cố luận đề cho mỗi ý. Nên có các từ liên kết giữa các câu để giúp bài viết trở nên mạch lạc và chặt chẽ hơn.

Kết luận

Có rất nhiều cách kết bài khác nhau, ví dụ như:

  • Triển khai theo hướng tổng hợp ý chính về nội dung trong bài thi hùng biện
  • Cung cấp một cái nhìn tổng quan về chủ đề được đưa ra
  • Kết luận độc đáo, ấn tượng nhằm chốt được cảm tình của người đọc

Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh Theo Chủ Đề

Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh Theo Chủ Đề
Các Bài Thi Hùng Biện Tiếng Anh Theo Chủ Đề

Dưới đây là một số mẫu bài thi hùng biện tiếng anh theo các chủ đề phổ biến.

Môi trường

Since several environmental problems have been caused by humans’ forces, we need to act responsibly to reduce the damage that we are doing to the Earth. This essay will explain environmental problems and what governments and individuals can do to address these problems.

Two of the threats to the environment are air pollution and waste. Global warming, which is well-known as a global issue because of its devastating effect on the environment, is a result of gas emissions from factories and exhaust fumes from vehicles. In addition, the increase in human population comes along with a huge quantity of waste, which contaminates the Earth and pollutes rivers and oceans.

On the one hand, governments could reduce air pollution in many ways. First, they could introduce laws to put a limit on factories’ gas emissions or force companies to use renewable energy in production. Second, they could also innovate the public transport system to become more convenient and greener. By this way, governments can encourage people to take public transport instead of driving, therefore reducing emissions.

On the other hand, individuals should also be responsible for lowering pollution levels in their surroundings. They can take buses and subways or other means of public transportation rather than driving, which could reduce the amount of exhaust fumes from vehicles. Also, people should purchase reusable products and recycle as much as possible to avoid releasing too much waste. For example, Vietnamese people are recommended to use reusable or paper bags when going shopping instead of plastic bags to cut down on plastic bag consumption.

In conclusion, both national governments and individuals must understand the harmful impact they have on the environment and be responsible for easing the damage.

Công nghệ

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. Technology has appeared in all areas of life, from education to health, art, entertainment, economy,… Technology makes everything smarter, and more convenient.

First, technology makes social connections more convenient. As long as the smart device connects to wifi, we can easily text, call, video call, online meeting, … without having to travel as far as before. Second, technology helps to absorb people’s knowledge more diversely, more and faster. Just sitting at home, you can also learn anything online that interests you. A lot of knowledge has been shared on the internet. Next, for huge amounts of information data, the development of digital technology will make it possible for everything to be easily stored in many devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, and computers. desktop or tablet. The data stored online will be accessed quickly and easily through any device that can connect to the internet.

Another area where technology clearly plays a role is entertainment. Today, we have many forms of entertainment such as playing games, listening to music, watching movies, reading newspapers online, which is extremely convenient. In the economic field, thanks to technology, many new business forms have appeared such as online sales, online teaching, financial services, advertising, …

In conclusion, technology plays an extremely important role in our lives. We should know how to apply technology to make life more convenient.

Giáo dục

Today, a lot of teenagers find it difficult to choose between getting a job or continuing their education after graduating from high school. Even though there are some benefits of working straight after school, I believe that going to college or university is the better option.

There are several reasons why people believe that getting a job is the better choice. First, if people start to work at the age of 18, they could earn money on their own and be able to live independently without their parents’ financial support. In fact, many students in Western countries tend to find a job after high school to afford their living. Second, people who choose to start their career early instead of going to university or college can have more opportunities to gain real experience and learn exclusive skills for their jobs. Therefore, this may bring out a good chance of getting promoted to higher positions such as managers or executives.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that students would gain more benefits if they continue their studies. Firstly, a plenty of employers might ask for high academic qualifications from people applying for some professional jobs. For many high-paying jobs such as statisticians, economists, and medical jobs, master’s degree is one of the most vital requirements. Secondly, today job market is more competitive and a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in your resumé can be a huge advantage compared to other applicants. Employers would prefer a person who has an adequate amount of knowledge to work efficiently with less training time.

For the above reasons, it seems to me that students with higher academic background are likely to be more successful in pursuing their dream jobs.

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Lời Kết

Trên đây là những thông tin về các bài thi hùng biện tiếng Anh mà KISS English muốn đem đến cho bạn. Hy vọng bài viết này phù hợp và bổ ích với bạn. Chúc bạn có một buổi học vui vẻ và hiệu quả. 

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