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Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2 (Chi Tiết)

Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn bộ tài liệu những đề thi tiếng Anh trình độ A2 hay và chọn lọc. Hãy theo dõi nhé.

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Tiếng Anh đang dần trở thành một yếu tố vô cùng quan trọng trong cả học tập lẫn công việc. Một trong các công cụ dùng để đo trình độ tiếng Anh đó là chứng chỉ tiếng Anh. Trong bài viết hôm nay, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn những đề thi tiếng Anh trình độ A2. 

Cấu Trúc Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2

Cấu Trúc Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2
Cấu Trúc Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2

Kĩ năng nghe (25 phút)

  • Phần 1 (5 câu – 5 điểm): Nghe 05 hội thoại và trả lời 5 câu hỏi tương ứng dạng trắc nghiệm 3 lựa chọn
  • Phần 2 (5 câu – 5 điểm): Giống phần 1
  • Phần 3 (5 câu – 5 điểm): Hoàn thành biểu bảng với 05 chỗ trống thuộc dạng hội thoại. 
  • Phần 4 (5 câu – 5 điểm): Nghe một đoạn hội thoại dài về một chuyến đi, khóa học… và chọn đáp án đúng ABC
  • Phần 5 (5 câu – 5 điểm): Nghe và điền vào chỗ trống với dạng tin nhắn điện thoại, bảng tin vắn

Kĩ năng đọc (40 phút)

Đề thi tiếng Anh A2 kĩ năng Đọc bao gồm 4 phần thi.

  • Phần 1: Dạng cloze text điền từ vào chỗ trống. Cho một bài đọc dài khoảng 120 – 150 từ có 10 chỗ trống, 10 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm với 3 lựa chọn về từ vựng hoặc ngữ pháp.
  • Phần 2: Đọc nối biển báo với ý nghĩa của chúng. Số lượng biển báo nhiều hơn số lượng câu giải nghĩa.
  • Phần 3 : Đọc và điền từ vào một biểu mẫu dạng ghi chú, mẫu đăng ký mượn sách thư viện, xin visa…
  • Phần 4 : Đọc một bài độ dài 150-200 từ. Mỗi bài có 05 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm 3 lựa chọn.

Kĩ năng viết (35 phút)

Kỹ năng Viết tiếng Anh A2 gồm 3 phần

  • Phần 1: Hoàn thành câu – viết 05 câu hoàn chỉnh dựa vào gợi ý cho sẵn
  • Phần 2: Viết một ghi chú hoặc một tin nhắn có độ dài khoảng 35 từ.
  • Phần 3: Viết một bưu thiếp hoặc email ngắn dài khoảng 40 từ.

Kĩ năng nói (10 phút)

Bài thi Nói tiếng Anh A2 bao gồm 4 phần thi.

  • Phần 1: Chào hỏi nói tên tuổi
  • Phần 2: Giám khảo hỏi thí sinh những câu hỏi liên quan đến cá nhân như họ tên, ngày tháng năm sinh, quê quán, gia đình, sở thích, đời sống sinh viên, học tập
  • Phần 3: Thí sinh được đưa ra một chủ đề miêu tả nhà cửa, công việc, môn học yêu thích….Thí sinh có 1 phút chuẩn bị trước khi trình bày bài nói.
  • Phần 4: Thí sinh nêu quan điểm về một nhận định đã cho. Ví dụ: The Internet is useful for study. 

Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2 Có Đáp Án Gợi Ý

Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2 Có Đáp Án Gợi Ý
Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Trình Độ A2 Có Đáp Án Gợi Ý

Đề thi


PART 1 Read the following passage. Choose the best word for each space. For (8 Questions) questions 1 “8, choose the correct letter (A, B or C).

Example: Susan is (0) TV now.

0. A. watching B. looking C. seeing

Wool comes from sheep and other animals like goats and rabbits. Over a million tonnes of wool is produced every year, of (1)  60% goes into clothes. The wool that is used (2) comes from Australian Merino sheep. Their wool is good for baby clothes, as it is soft, (3) babies warm, and can (4) their bodies. When wool is first cut from the sheep, it contains a high level of a valuable oil, so before the wool is used, it must be cleaned. The (5) way to do this is by putting the wool in warm water. The oil that is (6) from the wool is widely used in products like hand creams. Sheep were first used by humans several thousand years (7) , but it is believed that this was for meat rather than wool. When people developed a way of cutting the wool from sheep, it (8) a more important material.

1. A. what B. whose c. which

2. A. mostly B. little c. more

3. A. stays B. helps c. keeps

4. A. protect B.save c. care

5. A. simplest B. clearest c. nearest

6. A. removing B. remove c. removed

7. A. ago B. before c. long

8. A. arrived B. had c. became


(8 Questions) Which notice (A-J) says this (9-16)? For questions 9-16, choose the correct letter.

EXAMPLE 0. There is no cost to leave your car here if you use a shop – K Animal World Free                                                      

parking for customers


9. You shouldn’t go in through the front entrance of the shop.

10. Extra staff are needed here for weekend work.

11. Contact this person to get your pet back.

12. Please ask the shop assistants if you need any help.

13. You cannot buy a pet here on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

14. These are cheaper at the moment.

15. You cannot buy food for pets here on Saturdays and Sundays.

16. Only disabled people can go with pets.

A. This month only – 60% discount on all pet care magazines

B. Special offer! Free toy with every box of dog food

C. DOG FOUND   Male beagle found 11:30 am on Tuesday, April on Pine street. Call Tom on 986 378

D. NO PETS ALLOWED Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.

E. Pete’s Pets

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. weekdays

8 a.m. – midday weekends

F. Wanted – Sales Assistants

Saturday to Sunday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

£6 per hour

G. Japanese goldfish for sale £5 each




I. Bags of animal food too heavy?

Our staff will carry them for you


Mon-Fri: 8:00 a.m – 5 p.m.

Closed at weekends.


Read the notice and the email. Fill in Lin’s notes with the correct information. The information should be NO MORE THAN THREE words.


Special showings this weekend

Rosy’s Story:

Saturday 8 p.m.

Sunday 3 p.m.


Saturday 9 p.m.

Sunday 7 p.m.

Adults: £8.00

Students/ Children: £5.00

From: Ines

To: Lin

My sister’s visiting this weekend, so there’ll be three of US going to the cinema instead of two. I’ve already seen storm, so let’s see the other film. Let’s go in the evening, because we need to study during the day. Could you buy the tickets, as you live nearer? Don’t forget to show your university ID so we get in cheaper.

Lin’s notes

Cinema this weekend

Cinema                                 17:

Film                                       18:

Day                                        19:

Time                                      20:

Number of tickets to get       21:

Price per person                   22:

Need to bring                        23:

PART 4 (7 Questions)

Read the following passage about a former 800 metres Olympic champion. Choose A, B or C to answer the questions.

In 1988, Maria Mutola was playing football as the only girl in an all-boys team in a local competition in Mozambique. ‘We won” she said. ‘At first no one thought it was a problem that I was a girl. But then the team we beat complained.’

The story appeared in a local newspaper and José Craveirinha, who had encouraged other African athletes, learnt about Maria. He went to meet her and found her kicking a ball around outside the football club. He realised immediately that she was fast. ‘He talked to me about athletics. I had no idea what he meant. The only sport I knew about was football. Then he bought me running shoes and took me training. It was such hard work and my legs really ached but José visited her parents and persuaded them she could be successful and this would help end their poverty. They agreed to let him take her away to train.

In 1991, she finally accepted an invitation to train in the United States. She had refused previously because she knew she would miss her family. Her background was unlike those of the girls she met in the US. She explains, ‘They were good athletes but, while I worried about my parents having enough to eat, they worried about dresses and make-up. They knew very little about me and even less about my problems. But I knew I was lucky to be there. The trainers were brilliant and I learnt a lot.’

Today, Maria still runs and for most of the year she lives happily in South Africa with her mother.

24. What is the purpose of the passage?

A. to persuade more Africans to take up athletics

B. to describe how Maria became a top athlete

C. to give information about Mozambique

25. How did José get to know Maria?

A. He met her in a local football competition

B. He read an article about her in a newspaper.

C. An African athlete introduced her to him.

26. When José first introduced Maria to athletics, she

A. didn’t know what was involved.

B. was worried about being injured.

C. didn’t think her family would agree.

27. Why did Maria not agree to go to the US at first?

A. because her legs really ached.

B. because she thought she would feel homesick.

C. because she did not like people there.

28. How does Maria feel of the opportunity to go to the US?

A. worried

B. problematic

C. happy

29. What does Maria say about the girls she met in the US?

A. Their life experiences were very different from hers.

B. They were not as good as her.

C. They did not show enough respect for the trainers.

30. Where does Maria spend most of her time?

A. in Mozambique

B. in the US

C. in South Africa

LISTENING: Number of questions: 25

Directions: You will listen to a number of different recordings and you will have to answer questions based on what you hear. There will be time for you to read the questions and transfer your work. All the recordings will be played TWICE. While you are listening, you may take notes. Time allowance: about 25 minutes, including 05 minutes to transfer your answers to your answer sheet.


Link bài nghe


In this part, you will hear FIVE short announcements or instructions. You will hear each announcement or instruction TWICE. There is one question following each recording. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B, or c. Then, on the answer sheet, find the number of each question and write down your answer in the corresponding space.

Now, let’s listen to the example. On the recording, you might hear:

“Put the flour, eggs, milk and a bit of salt into a bowl. Then mix them all together really well. Wait for at least 5 minutes. Now heat your frying pan and add a bit of olive oil. 2 or 3 teaspoons depending on your taste. When hot, cook your cake for 7 minute on each side until golden.”

On the test book, you read:

How many teaspoons of olive oil should be used?

A. 1

B. 3

c. 5

The correct answer is B

First you will have some time to look at questions 1 – 5.

Question 1 to 5. Listen to the short announcements, instructions or conversations

1. Where is Mark going at the weekend?

A. to the river

B. to the mountains

C. to the forest

2. How many students are there at the school?

A. 100

B. 600

C. 700

3. Where is the hospital?

A. go straight and turn left after the traffic lights

B. go straight and turn left before the traffic lights

C. go straight and turn right before the traffic lights

4. What must they remember to take?

A. some camera film

B. traveller’s cheques

C. plane tickets

5. What is true about Christina’s family?

A. She is taller than his brother.

B. She is shorter than his brother

C. She is taller than his father.


Link bài nghe


In this part, you will hear FIVE short conversations. You will hear each conversation TWICE. There is one question following each recording. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B, or c. Then, on the answer sheet, find the number of each question and write down your answer in the corresponding space.

Question 6 to 10. Listen to the short announcements, instructions or conversations

6. How much was the restaurant bill?

A. £15

B. £25

C. £50

7. how long was the journey?

A. 6 hours

B. 10 hours

C. 16 hours

8. What did the man do last night?

A. watched TV at home

B. went to the cinema

C. went to the theatre

9. How does Stefano usually get to school?

A. on foot

B. by car

C. by bus

10. How did she hear about the accident?

A. on the phone

B. on the radio

C. in the newspaper


Link bài nghe


In this part, you will hear a longer conversation. You will hear the conversation TWICE. While you listen, fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS and/or a NUMBER. Then, on the answer sheet, find the number of each question and write down your answer in the corresponding space.

Question 11 to 15. Listen to the conversation and fill in the form with NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS and/or a NUMBER

                                      SUMMER HOLIDAY JOB                                       

Type of job: Farm worker  

Time working day ends: (11) £…………………..  

You need to be: (12)…………………….. and careful

You will earn: (13)…………………….. a week

What you must pay for: (14)……………………..  

Date work begins: (15)…………………….. May


Link bài nghe


In this part, you will hear a longer conversation and answer questions 16-20. You will hear the conversation TWICE. Then, find the number of each question and write down your answer in the corresponding space.

0. When did the new shop open?

A. today

B. yesterday

C. last week

16. Where is the new shop?

A. near the college

B. outside the town centre

C. opposite the newsagent’s

17. In the shop you cannot buy

A. clothes.

B. bags.

C. boots.

18. What time does the shop close on a Thursday?

A. 6 p.m.

B. 8 p.m.

C. 10 p.m.

19. What days does the shop open?

A. Tuesday to Sunday

B. every day

C. Monday to Friday

20. What should Suzy’s friend do if she wants a job?

A. phone the manager

B. go to the shop

C. write a letter


Link bài nghe


In this part, you will hear a short talk and answer questions 21-25. You will hear the talk TWICE. While you listen, fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS and/or a NUMBER. Then, on the answer sheet,find the number of each question and write down your answer in the corresponding space.


Name of the lake: North Lake  

Travel there by: (21) £…………………..  

Time to meet: (22)…………………….. p.m

Activities: (23) walking and ……………………..  

How much money to take: (24)£…………………….  

Meet at end of day at: (25)the …………………….. Hotek

WRITING: Number of parts: 03

Directions: In this section of the test, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to compose in English level 2. There are three parts in this section with special directions for each part. The time allowance is 35 minutes.


Use the foilowing words to make complete sentences. You can make necessary changes to the words, but DO NOT change their order.

1. Both/ father/1/ love/ sail

2. grandparents/ give/ my father/ first boat/ but/ he/ not/ have/ it now. father/want/ me/join/ sailing course/ local sailing school.

3. I/ take/ first lesson/ last week.

4. It/ difficult/ but/ very/ interesting. 


A friend, Eva, borrowed your rucksack two weeks ago and hasn’t returned it. Write a note to Eva. In your note, you should

remind her that she has your rucksack

ask her to return it

explain why you need it.

Write at least 35 words on your answer sheet.


You have just bought some new clothes.

Write an email to your friend, Alex. In your email, you should

• tell Alex what clothes you have bought

• say where you bought the clothes from

• explain why you needed to buy these clothes.

Write at least 40 words on your answer sheet.

Đáp án



Both my father and i love sailing.

My grandparents gave my father his first boat but he doesn’t have it now.

My father wanted me to join a sailing course in my local sailing school.

I took my first lesson last week.

It was difficult but very interesting.


Hi Eva

I hope you’re well and you enjoyed your camping holiday with tour friends. I hope the weather was good. Was my rusksacks useful? Please can you return it before next weekend? I’m going camping with my family.



Hi Alex!

Guess what? I went shopping last weekend! I went with Linh to Vincom Center because next Friday I’m having my first job interview. She helped me to choose what kind of trousers or skirtts I could wear and also I bought a white blouse.

See you soon










6. C

7. C

8. A

9. B

10. A


11. 2

12. strong

13. 300

14. bus ticket

15. 24th


16. C

17. B

18. B

19. A

20. B


21. train

22. 1.15

23. fishing

24. How much money to take (Số tiền cần mang):

Your ticket will cost eight pounds and you’ll want some money to spend at the shop so bring twelve pounds, please.

Vé tàu sẽ mất 8 bảng và các em có thể cần một số tiền khác nữa để mua đồ, nên các em hãy mang 12 bảng nhé.

=> Đáp án: 12

25. Meet at end of day at (Cuối ngày gặp nhau ở):

Well meet to return to the station at the end of the day outside the Aster Hotel, next to the lake.

Chúng ta sẽ tập trung đế trở lại nhà ga vào cuối ngày, ngay bên ngoài khách sạn Aster bên cạnh hồ.

=> Đáp án: Aster.

Lời Kết 

Trên đây là tất cả những thông tin bổ ích về đề thi tiếng anh trình độ a2 mà KISS English muốn đem đến cho bạn. Hy vọng bài viết này phù hợp và bổ ích với bạn. Chúc bạn có một buổi học vui vẻ và hiệu quả.



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