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Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Ngân Hàng Trắc Nghiệm

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Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Ngân Hàng Trắc Nghiệm

Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Ngân Hàng Trắc Nghiệm
Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Ngân Hàng Trắc Nghiệm

Choose the best answer

1. Banks provide a place for you to keep your non – cash items, which is also known as………

a)Saving accounts

b)Safe deposit boxes

c)Deposit slips

d)None of these

2. Exchanging goods and services without using money is ………




d)None of these

3. When  using the Net  Present  Value  method  to  assess  a  project,  that  project  will  be accepted if:

a) NPV equals to initial investment

b)NPV < 0, but the minimum Internal Rate of Return (IRR) equals to deposit interest

c)NPV > 0

d)All the above answers are wrong

4. The benefit of diversifying investment is

a)Reducing risk of the set of investment assets

b)Increasing the estimated rate of profit against each assets

c)Reducing risk ofeach asset

d)Increasing the profit rate of the set of assets

e)All above answers are wrong

f) All above answers are correct

5. Company B is granted a loan of 600 millions VND by a bank to make payment for buying materials in  favour of company D  which has an account with that  Bank. When entries for this transaction are posted, how will the Accounting Balance sheet change?

a) Liabilities increase, assets increase

b) Liabilities increase, assets decrease

c) Both liabilities and assets remain unchanged

6. Company A had a bank loan of VND 50 millions. At maturity, there’s only 30

millions VND on company A’s account. Bank account debited 30 millions VND

from the account. The rest was put ino non-paid load interest of the customer. Two entries in turn are:

a)An off-balance sheet entry, an on-balance sheet entry

b)Off-balance sheet entries

c)On-balance sheet entries

d)None of above answers is correct

7. Equity capital

a) Is the capital of corporate owners excluding payment guarantee

b) Is  the  capital  of  corporate  owners  and  contributed  investors  or  from  business

results. Then equity capital is not a debt.

c) Is  the  real  fund  available  during  the  business  and  producing  process  of  the corporate.

d) None of above answers is correct.

8. In Bank loan, Customer and the Bank can agree the grace period in credit contract. That is:

a) Time for withdrawing loan amount

b) A  specific  period  in  loan  term  that  the  Customer  has  to  pay  the  interest,  not  the principal.

c) A specific period in loan term that the Customer does not have to pay the principal,

the interest.

d) None of above answers are correct

9. Which of the following has a service charge or fee for use?

a) Stop payment order

b) Certified check

c) Bounced check/check returned for insufficient funds

d) All of the above answers

10. On money loaned, banks charge ………

a)More interest than what they pay on amounts in saving accounts.

b)Less interest than what they pay on amounts in saving accounts.

c)The same interest that what they pay on amounts in saving accounts.

d)Nothing in saving accounts.

11.Which of the following is good cheque writing practice?

a)Never cross out any part of your cheque

b)Never date the cheque with a future date

c) Never leave any blank lines on your cheque

d)All of the above answers

12.What  is  the  most  important  theoretical  concept  behind  the  effectiveness  of  fiscal policy?

a) The interest rate

b) The money multiplier

c) The price level

d) The credit card

13. If  the  Fed  increases  the  federal  funds  interest  rate,  banks  are  money  likely  to  do what?

a) Hold fewer reservers

b) Hold no reservers

c) Hold more reservers

d) Hold 100% reservers

14. What body or agency prints money?

a) The Fed

b) The public

c) The private sector

d) The treasury

15. Which  of  the  following  is  not  directly  controlled  under  the  US  central  banking system?

a) The money supply

b) The interest rate

c) The money demand

16. A documentary credit  for  USD  120,000.00  calls  for  shipment  of  fertiliser  in

February,  March,  April  and  May.  Each  shipment  is  to  be  for  about  500  tonnes. Shipment was effected as follows:

a) 450 tonnes sent 24 February for value USD 27,000.00.

b) 550 tonnes sent 12 April for value USD 33,000.00.

c) 460 tonnes sent 30 April for value USD 28,000.00.

d) 550 tonnes sent 04 June for value USD 33,000.00.

17. Which of the above ship ments will be honoured on presentation?

a) 1 only.

b) 1 and 3 only.

c) 2 and 4 only.

d) 1, 2 and 3 only.

18. In accordance with ISP98, which of the following statements is correct? The issuer of a standby letter of credit MUST:

a) Validate the breach of any underlying transaction.

b) Ensure the accuracy of any documents presented.

c) Ensure the genuineness of any documents presented.

d) Honour presentations that appear on their face to comply.

19. An issuer of a standby credit subject to ISP98 is responsible for:

a)accuracy of any document.

b)act of omission by the nominated bank.

c)observance of law as stated in the standby.

d)performance of any underlying transactions.

20. A   reimbursing   bank has   received   a   valid   claim   under   its   reimbursement

undertaking  and  is  instructed  by  the  issuing  bank  NOT  to  honour  the  claim.  In

accordance with the URR525, the reimbursing bank should:

a) request the claiming bank to cancel the claim.

b) instruct the claiming bank to contact the beneficiary.

c) honour the claim and debit the issuing bank’s account.

d) dishonour the claim as per the issuing bank’s instruction.

21. An  importer  requires  goods  of  a  stipulated  quality  while

the  exporter  requires certainty of payment. Which of the following would BEST meet all requirements?

a) Confirmed  standby  credit  payable  on  demand  calling  for  beneficiary’s  quality


b) Confirmed  documentary  credit  payable  at  sight  calling  for  be

neficiary’s  quality


c) Confirmed  documentary  credit  available  by  acceptance  with  drafts  drawn  on

confirming bank calling for third party quality certificate.

d) Unconfirmed  documentary  credit  payable  at  sight  with  drafts  on  issuing  bank

calling for third party quality certificate.

22. A  German  bank  has  added  its  confirmation  to  a  documentary  credit  issued  by  a

Turkish bank. Which of the following risks is NOT borne by the confirming bank?

a) Fraud by the beneficiary.

b) Insolvency of the issuing bank.

c) Refusal of the issuing bank to pay against complying documents.

d) Government restrictions on funds transfer from the issuing bank.

23. Which  of  the  following  can  be  combined  under  a  credit  available  with  and

requiring a draft drawn on an issuing bank?

a) Payment.

b) Deferred payment.

c) Acceptance.

d) Negotiation.

e) a and b only.

f) a and c only.

g) b and c only.

h) c and d only.

24. In accordance with UCP 600, which of the following terms may NOT be altered on a transferred documentary credit? The:

a) amount.

b) required documents.

c) period for presentation.

d) amount of insurance cover.

25. A cumulative revolving documentary credit is opened with six months validity and

allowing  for  USD  25,000.00  to  be  drawn  each  month.  If  only  the  first  month’s

shipment is effected in full, what is the available amount in the fourth month?

a)USD 0.00.

b)USD 25,000.00.

c)USD 75,000.00.

d)USD 100,000.00. CDCS sample test

26. A documentary  credit  which allows  partial  shipments  has  the  following  shipment


a)1,000 units shipped between 01 June XXXX and 30 June XXXX

b)2,000 units shipped between 01 July XXXX and 31 July XXXX

c)2,000 units shipped between 01 August XXXX and 31 August XXXX

d)3,000 units shipped between 01 September XXXX and 30 September XXXX

The beneficiary shipped the goods and presented documents as follows:

a)1,000 units shipped on 15 June XXXX documents presented on 30 June XXXX

b)3,000 units shipped on 15 July XXXX and presented on 28 July XXXX

c)2,000 units shipped on 31 July XXXX and presented on 15 August XXXX

d)3,000  units  shipped  on  15  September  XXXX  and  presented  on  30  

September XXXX

Which of the above sets of documents are complying?

A. 1 only.

B. 3 only.

C. 1 and 4 only.

D. 1, 2 and 4 only.

27. In  accordance  with  UCP  600,  which  of  the  following

alterations  can  a  first beneficiary request a transferring bank to make under a transferable documentary credit?

a) Extend the expiry date.

b) Decrease the unit price.

c) Decrease insurance cover.

d) Extend the period for shipment.

28. A transferable credit can do which of the following?

a) Protect the applicant from the risks of loss and error.

b) Allow the second beneficiary to obtain payment for complying documents.

c) Restrict  the  right  of  the  second  beneficiary  to  claim  payment  directly  from  the nominated bank.

d) Permit  the  supplier  to  provide  the  intermediary  trader  with  the  security  of  a documentary credit.

29. A  documentary  credit  calls  for  a

draft  at  95  days  bill  of  lading  date  drawn  on  the

confirming bank. The documentary credit is available by:

a) Refinance.


c)Sight payment.

d)Deferred payment.

30. A documentary credit pre-advice is issued on 1 March for USD 510,000.00 with the following terms and conditions: 

Part shipment allowed.

Latest shipment date 30 April.

Expiry date 15 May.

On  2  March  the  applicant  requests  an  amendment  prohibiting  part  shipment  and extending the expiry date to 30 May. In accordance with UCP 600 what MUST the issuing bank do?

a)Clarify with the applicant the period for presentation.

b)Issue the documentary credit as originally instructed.

c)Issue the documentary credit incorporating all the amendments.

d)Issue the documentary credit incorporating only the extended expiry date.

31. On  03  January  XXXX  an  irrevocable  documentary  credit  for  USD  500,000.00  is confirmed.  On  17  January  XXXX  the  confirming  bank  receives  an  amendment cancelling  the  documentary credit  which  it  advises  to  the  beneficiary.  As  at  18 January XXXX, what is the liability of both banks?

a)Issuing and confirming bank–USD 0.00.

b)Issuing and confirming bank USD 500,000.00.

c)Issuing bank–USD 0.00 Confirming bank–USD 500,000.00.

d)Issuing bank–USD 500,000.00 Confirming bank–USD 0.00.

32. Which  of  the  following  statements  is  correct  when  an  assignment  of  proceeds  has been effected under a documentary credit issued in accordance with UCP 600?

a)The assignee must present complying documents to receive payment.

b)The assignee will receive payment of the proceeds directly from the applicant.

c)The value of the documentary credit is reduced by the amount of the assignment.

d)The  beneficiary  has  assign edits  rights  to  the  stated  amount  of  proceeds  to  the assignee.

33. An  applicant  has  given  its  counter  indemnity  to  its  bankers  in  connection  with  a delivery  order. Which  of  the  following  statements  would  NOT  be  included? 

The applicant:

a) indemnifies the bank against all actions, damages and costs.

b) undertakes to accept the underlying documents irrespective of discrepancies.

c) gives  the  issuing  bank  authority  to  debit  its  account  for  the  full  value  pending inspection of the goods.

d) und ertakes that should the goods form part of a large consignment it will accept that consignment and pay the full value.

34. A documentary credit is issued for an amount of GBP 60,000.00 and calls for drafts to  be  drawn  at  30  days  fro m  bill  of  lading  date.  Documents  have  been  presented with  a  bill  of  lading  dated  09  November  XXXX.  Which  of  the  following  tenors  on the draft will NOT be acceptable?

a) 09 December XXXX.

b) 30 days from bill of lading date.

c) 30 days after 09 November XXXX.

d) 30 days date, draft dated 09 November XXXX.

35. Which of the following documents MUST be signed?

a) Packing list.

b) Certificate of origin.

c) Commercial invoice.

d) Weight specification.

36. A  credit  requires  an ‘invoice’  without  further  definition.  Which  of  the  following MUST be considered a discrepancy?

a) Presentation of a document identified as a tax invoice.

b) An invoice which is not signed.

c) An invoice made out in a different currency to the credit.

d) An invoice issued

37. What  is  the  name  of  the  document  that  an  exporter  receives  from  the  shipping company when goods have been placed on board the ship?

a) invoice

b) bill of lading

c) certificate of origin

d) bill of exchange

38. A documentary letter of credit is opened at the request of one of your customers. Is the customer:

a) the exporter

b) the beneficiary

c) the importer

d) the drawer

Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Ngân Hàng Vietcombank

Đề Thi Tiếng Anh Ngân Hàng Vietcombank

SECTION 1: Language usage (30 marks): 

Circle the correct answer

1. In the long term ……….. is due to increase in the price of raw materials. This is the situation where prices rise to keep up with increased production cost.

a. devaluation 

b. inflation 

c. recession 

d. crisis

2. In a accordance with our usual terms, payment will be by …………This is a letter from a bank authorizing payment of a certain sum to a person or a company.

a. cheque 

b. banker’s draft 

c. letter of credit 

d. cash on delivery

3. We enclose our ……….., which is a formal request for payment.

a. receipt 

b. quotation 

c. commercial invoice 

d. bill of lading

4. The industry and construction ……….. is facing difficulties due to low efficiency and competitiveness.

a. set 

b. sector 

c. section 

d. part

5. It is complained that the Telephone and Post Communicatios Company is operating in a very favourable environment without any ………..

a. monopoly 

b. fluctuation 

c. promotion 

d. competition

6. We are proud of the very high level of services we offer and are accustomed to organizing conferences ……….. two thousand delegates.

a. out of to 

b. of up to 

c. from up to 

d. up from to

7. Sofitel Plaza Hotel has an excellent range of facilities and no doubt you will be aware ………. the fact that the local area is rich in cultural interest.

a. for b. to c. of d. about

8. When we receive your bank confirmation of L/C, your order will be made ………..

a. for b. over c. up d. with

9. Impex is an international company which deals ………. a wide variety of goods.

a. for b. in c. of d. about

10. A fall in prices can result in serious difficulties to many producers and may cause them to go ……….. business completely.

a. through 

b. out 

c. out of 

d. into

11. The MD asked Mr. Green ………..

a. that he had finished the report 

b. whether he had finished the report

c. had she finished the report 

d.if had he finished the report

12. The MD also wanted to know ………….

a. when Mr. Green will submit that report 

b. when would Mr. Green submit the report

c. when will Mr. Green submit the report 

d. when Mr. Green would submit the report

13. Would you like ………. coffee? Yes, please.

a. any 

b. the 

c. 0 

d. a

14. The goods in this catalogue are of …………. excellent value. I am going to order some.

a. the 

b. 0 

c. an 

d. a

15. The Sales&Marketing Department will be divided into two …………, a new Management Services Department will be created.

a. Furthermore 

b. Therefore 

c. Although 

d. Otherwise

16. …………the launch date is due, the new product is not ready yet. So, the shopfloor workers are working hard now.

a. Nevertheless 

b. However 

c. Although 

d. Inspite of

17. Fluctuation in exchange rates causes instability. …….., it makes forecasting more difficult.

a. In addition 

b. So 

c. In order that 

d. So that

18. Producing new software is not necessarily expensive, ……… innovations in computer hardware certainly involve massive costs.

a. where 

b. whereas 

c. when 

d. as

19. Mr. Green , …………..is an experienced businessman is very eager to expand his business in the Middle East.

a. which 

b. that 

c. who 

d. b & c

20. One of the accidents they had was pretty serious. A workman ………..20 feet above the ground when he suddenly fell.

a. was working 

b. worked 

c. has been working 

d. has worked

21. The number of overseas Vietnamese going home ……… by 8.9% this year.

a. increases 

b. is increasing 

c. has increased 

d. increased

22. The Bank’s loan terms are better than those on hire purchase, so I …… ……… the bank loans.

a. am choosing 

b. had chosen 

c. was choosing 

d. will be choosing

23. My boss has come in and ………. you in a few minutes.

a. would see 

b. has seen

c. will see 

d. is going to see

24. Next week, John is going home for Christmas. He hopes his family ………….. at the airport.

a. will have waited 

b. have been waiting

c. will be waiting 

d. are waiting

25. Could you tell Mr. Blake that Mr. Ali is here? He ………. me.

a. will expect 

b. was expecting 

c. is expecting 

d. has expected

Complete each sentence with the correct from of the word in brackets.

26. (BENEFIT) The new salary scheme is ……….to all staff.

27. (COMMERCE) Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest ……. center in the country.

28. (RELATIVE) The risk of investing in durable goods is ……..low.

29. (VARY) Prices have not shown much …………this year.

30. (MANAGE) Good …………should be capable of leading as well as managing.

SECTION 2: Language use (70 marks)

2.1 Choose ONE suitable word for each sentences from the list below (20 marks)

measurable ~~~deteriorate ~~~goods ~~~money 

factors ~~~ payments ~~~ decrease ~~~ production 

capital ~~~ economy ~~~ resources ~~~ companies 

value ~~~ available ~~~ risk

1. As they ……… easily, perishables must be placed on the market as quickly as possible.

2. Foreign direct investment(FDI) has significantly contributed to the performance of the ……….

3. FDI projects account for 12% of GDP and 35% of industrial ……….

4. More than 2,500 FDI projects have been licensed with a total ……… of 40 billion dollars.

5. Economics studies how society uses its scarce ………… to produce goods and services.

6. Money is used to save for the future; it is a store of ………….

7. Providing capital for a business always involves an element of …………

8. Entrepreneurs control and co-ordinate various ………. of production.

9. The econnomist is only interested in services which are ………… in terms of money.

10. Changes in prices result in changes in the quantity of a particular commodity ………… to consumers.

2.2. Reading comprehension (30 marks)

Read the passage below and then do the tasks that follow

It seems easy to say that you are employed if you work for somebody else and you are self – employed if you work for yourself! But life isn’t quite so simple. Being self-employed is not restricted to people who run their own business, in the physical sense of owning property and stock and perhaps employing their own staff. A great number of people work from home in a wide range of occupations and many of them are classed as self-employed. Examples are the hairdresser who has set up shop in one room of the house, the freelance book-keeper who does the accounts for other small businesses, the woman who holds clothing or Tupperware parties, and the artist who takes on freelance work from various publishing companies.

People who work on a freelance basic “hire out” their skills to anyone who will pay them. A freelance photographer, for instance, may either be contracted to do a specific job for a newspaper or may even take photographs of events on the change that he/she can sell them.

The number of people in Britain who are classed as self-employed rose by 52% between 1981 and 1991 from 2.2 million to 3.3 million people – and most of them work on their own (i.e. they do not employ other people) in many cases these are people who have been faced with redundancy and who have used their savings or their redundancy payments, or taken advantages of one of the government schemes to set up on their own.

Circle the correct answer

11. Which of the following suggestions is a suitable title for the passage?

a. Self – employment 

b. Employed or self – employed?

c. The UK employment market 

d. Types of employment

12. A self-employed person

a. has to carry out instructions 

b. works for several employers

c. is paid a wage or salary 

d. is own employer

13. The passage suggests

a. The pattern of employment is not varied in the UK

b. If you are in a job, you will have it forever.

c. It is standard practice for many people in the UK to leave school and work for themselves.

d. In the UK people can either have the opportunity or the finances to start in business for themselves

What does each of the following underlined word/phrase refer to?

14. “……..and many of them are classed as self-employed.” (Paragraph 1)

15. “by 52% between 1981 and 1991 from 2.2 million to 3.3 million people – and most of them work on their own.” (paragraph 3)

Which words in the passage mean the following?

16. jobs……….

17. to classify ………..

18. state of being no longer needed for any available jobs ……..

Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word from the passage

19. ……………..becomes more popular among mothers of young children as they don’t have to work the standard 8 a.m to 5 p.m a day.

20 . Self – employed may ………..other people to help them with their business.

2.3. Writing (20 marks)

Read this invitation card and write a short description of the Book Fair for a brochure

  • Youth Cultural Centre
  • Exhibition of Books in Vietnamese and foreign languages
  • Free copies of catalogues
  • Free use of Internet

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