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Đề Thi HSG Lớp 11 Môn Tiếng Anh Có Đáp Án

Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn bộ đề thi hsg lớp 11 môn tiếng Anh. Hãy theo dõi nhé. 

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Để chuẩn bị thật tốt cho kì thi học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh, ngoài việc trau dồi kiến thức thật kĩ, bạn cũng cần phải luyện đề thật nhiều. Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn bộ đề thi hsg lớp 11 môn tiếng Anh. Hãy theo dõi nhé. 

Đề Thi HSG Lớp 11 Môn Tiếng Anh

Đề Thi HSG Lớp 11 Môn Tiếng Anh
Đề Thi HSG Lớp 11 Môn Tiếng Anh

Đề thi


Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best completes the sentence.

1. The grocer’s shop _______ since the supermarket opened.

A. closed B. has closed C. has been closing D. is closed

2. We don’t allow _______ in the classroom.

A. people smoke B. people to smoke C. smoke D. to smoking

3. By the time I applied, all the holiday vouchers_______ used up.

A. had been B. have been C. were D. are

4. Her job was to_______ out the good apples from the bad ones.

A. sort B. find C. choose D. share

5. You know your hair really wants _______.

A. to cut it B. to be cutting C. being cut D. cutting

6. That Masters course, _______ in 2015, is no longer taught at that college.

A. on which I took B. that I took C. I took D. which I took

7. The children _______ to the zoo.

A. were enjoyed taken B. enjoyed being taken

C. were enjoyed taking D. enjoyed taking

8. The environmentalists suggest that cars _______ from the city centers.

A. should banned B. may as well ban C. be banned D. had better to be banned

9. Both she and her husband are _______ work.

A. out of B. for C. on D. in

10. _______ all our careful plans, a lot of things went wrong.

A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In spite of

11. There’s always a lot of office work to _______ after the holiday.

A. take over from B. get away with C. catch up with D. set out on

12. After he had finished his medical course, he _______ research into the causes of heart disease.

A. did B. made C. took D. followed

13. If I had gone to the bank this morning, I _______ money from you now.

A. would not borrow B. will not borrow

C. will no have borrowed D. would not have borrowed

14. We arrived _______ the station just in time to catch the train.

A. at B. in C. to D. for

15. I like to study sea life. Marine biology is a _______ subject.

A. fascinated B. boring C. bored D. fascinating

16. Vietnam is a country which is ethnically _______.

A. alternative B. diverse C. different D. variable

17. What’s your _______ toward sex education? What are your pros and cons?

A. idea B. vision C. reaction D. attitude

18. After my explanation, she still had a slightly _______ look on her face.

A. surprising B. puzzled C. confusing D. interested

19. You are too clever _______ to have corrected the teacher like that.

A. by far B. by half C. by yourself D. by and by

20. Three people were seriously _______ in the road accident yesterday.

A. injured B. broken C. damaged D. pained


A. Use the correct form of the word given to fill in each blank. (20 pts)

1. She has great _______ in medical matters. (expert)

2. We need to keep an eye on what they see on the net because they are _______ teenagers. (impress)

3. His social _______ results in his being unable to make new friends. (inept)

4. That shameful act of terrorism against _______ civilians should be condemned. (defend)

5. The conviction of an innocent man always provokes a public _______. (cry)

6. Frankly, I was just _______ satisfied with your showing in the last training session. (pass)

7. Poor you! A(n) _______ school with no extra-curricular activities, no field trips. (cash)

8. That’s that! The terms of this agreement are _______. (negotiate)

9. The trial ended in his _______ leading to the rolling of happy tears on his mother’s face. (quit)

10. It is cowardly of them to have _______ all responsibility for all the disaster they had caused.


B. Put the words given in the correct blanks. You have to use their correct forms to make a

meaningful passage. There are the extra two words that you cannot use. (20pts)

force consider discriminate happy abort tolerate

please bad immune wide involve resent

Economic independence alone will not solve the myriad of problems facing women in the

developing world. (11)_______ attitudes are deeply entrenched, and in most countries, boys are still valued much more highly than girls. In Bombay, out of 8000 (12)_______ performed after parents learned the fetus’s sex through amniocentesis, only one would have been a boy. Throughout the developing world, more boys than girls are (13)_______, and girls who are brought to hospitals are generally in (14)_______ condition than boys. Enrolment rates are (15)_______ lower for girls than for boys in primary school; the gap (16)_______ as they get older. Women who challenge the system may face risks. Those who get involved in grassroots projects often trigger (17)_______ among men. In Nepal, some men have (18)________ tried to prevent women from attending PRCW meetings or saving their own money. “Some men are so (19)_______ that they break open their wives’ piggy banks and spend their savings on drinks,” says one field officer. In extreme cases, women’s community (20)________ can be dangerous, even deadly.


Read the passage and choose the best option (A, B, C or D) for each blank space.

PASSAGE A (30 pts)

New research reveals that walking just 9.5 kilometers (six miles) a week may (1) ________ your brain sharper as you get older. Research published in the October 13 online issue of Neurology (2) __________that walking may protect aging brains from growing smaller and, in (3) __________, preserve memory in old age. “Brain size shrinks in late adulthood, which can (4) _______ memory problems”, study author Kirk Erickson of the University of Pittsburg said in a news release. “Our findings should encourage further well-designed scientific (5) __________ of physical exercise in older adults as a very (6)________ approach for preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”. For the study, the team asked 299 dementiafree seniors to record the (7) _________they walked each week.

Four years later, the participants were tested to see if they had developed (8) _________of

dementia. Then after nine years had passed, scientists (9) _________ the participants’ brains to measure size. At the four-year test, researchers discovered subjects who walked the most had (10) ___________their risk of developing memory problems by 50 per cent. (11) ____________ the nine-year checkpoint, those who walked at least 9.5 kilometers a week, had brains with a larger (12) _________ than those who didn’t walk as much.

This is not the first study to (13) ________the benefits of walking in seniors. (14) __________, last spring, Harvard University found that women who walked regularly at a (15) ________ pace had an almost 40 per cent lower risk of stroke.

1. A. bring B. work C. run D. keep

2. A. informs B. provides C. suggests D. notifies

3. A. result B. turn C. sequence D. case

4. A. account B. lead C. set D. cause

5. A. trials B. attempts C. searches D. courses

6. A. indicative B. promising C. fortunate D. ideal

7. A. distance B. length C. duration D. extent

8. A. signals B. factors C. signs D. features

9. A. skimmed B. scanned C. screened D. sounded

10. A. depressed B. declined C. reduced D. dropped

11. A. On B. In C. From D. At

12. A. volume B. amount C. dimension D. quantity

13. A. advertise B. promote C. respect D. admire

14. A. In addition B. In contrast C. For example D. As a result

15. A. brisk B. hard C. crisp D. brief

Fill in each of the blanks in the following passage with ONE suitable word.

PASSAGE B (30 pts)

Some theories of laughter emphasize (1)_______ ability to reduce tension and emotion. You have probably in a tense (2)_______ situation when someone suddenly made (3)_______ the right joke to defuse the mood and make (4)_______ laugh. Laughter seems to produce some beneficial biological responses, possibly stimulating the (5)_______ system or starting the flow of endorphins, the pain-killing (6)_______ in the brain. Other theories emphasize the cognitive components of humor. When you laugh at a problem, you are putting it in a (7)_______ perspective – seeing its silly aspects – and gaining (8)_______ over it. Having a (9)_______ of humor, however, is not the same as smiling all the time or “(10)_______

a on a happy face.” Many women, in particular, feel they have to smile, smile, smile, to put others at (11)_______, but often this social smile masks (12)_______ of insecurity and unhappiness. For (13)_______ to be effective in coping with stress, a person must (14)_______ use it in a stressful situation – seeing or inventing funny aspects of (15)_______ events and having the ability to laugh at them.

PASSAGE C (30 pts)

Like most companies in an (1)_______ globalized world, our firm does business with other firms abroad. Company cultures (2)_______ worldwide, and it is important for delegates from our company to recognize how company culture overseas might be different from our own. This document will give you a brief (3)_______ to company culture in the countries we associate with.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s most successful economies, having seen five (4)_______ decades of high economic growth. When (5)_______ with adversity, South Koreans change direction quickly and (6)_______. Despite the frantic economic growth, South Korean society is (7)_______ very conservative and conformist due to the influence of Confucian (8)_______. Companies are hierarchical and regimented and ‘face’ is very much valued. Consequently, change can sometimes be slow and painful. Managers are paternalistic, authoritative figures who expect their (9)_______ to be carried out obediently and respectfully. In (10)_______, they give their subordinates support and help, not only in (11)_______ issues but in home issues as well. Group harmony is important, so South Koreans avoid confrontation and blame, (12)_______ among people of equal rank. Friendship is, (13)_______, vital to business success. The Korean saying ‘make a friend first and a (14)_______ second’ (15)_______ this up exactly.


Choose the item (A, B, C or D) that best completes the unfinished statement about the passage. What geologists call the Basin and Range Province in the United States roughly coincides in its northern portions with the geographic province known as the Great Basin. The Great Basin is surrounded on the west by the Sierra Nevada and on the east by the Rocky Mountains; it has no outlet to the sea. The prevailing winds in the Great Basin are from the west. Warm, moist air from the Pacific Ocean is forced upward as it crosses the Sierra Nevada. At the higher altitudes it cools and the moisture it carries is precipitated as rain or snow on the western slopes of the mountains. That which reaches the Basin is air

wrung dry of moisture. What little water falls there as rain or snow, mostly in the winter months, evaporates on the broad, flat desert floors. It is, therefore, an environment in which organism battle for survival. Along the rare watercourses, cottonwoods and willows eke out a sparse existence. In the upland ranges, pinion pines and junipers struggle to hold their own.

But the Great Basin has not always been so arid. Many of its dry, closed depressions were once filled with water. Owens Valley, Panamint Valley, and Death Valley were once a string of interconnected lakes. The two largest of the ancient lakes of the Great Britain were Lake Lahontan and Lake Bonneville. The Great Salt Lake is all that remains of the latter, and Pyramid Lake is one of the last briny remnants of the former. 

There seem to have been several periods within the last tens of thousands of years when water accumulated in these basins. The rise and fall of the lakes were undoubtedly linked to the advances and retreats of the great ice sheets that covered much of the northern part of the North American continent during those times. 

Climatic changes during the Ice Ages sometimes brought cooler, wetter weather to mid-latitude deserts worldwide, including those of the Great Basin. The broken valleys of the Great Basin provided ready receptacles for this moisture.

1. What is the geographical relationship between the Basin and Range Province and the Great Basin?

(A) The Great Basin is west of the Basin and Range Province.

(B) The Great Basin is larger than the Basin and Range Province.

(C) The Great Basin is in the northern part of the Basin and Range Province.

(D) The Great Basin is mountainous; the Basin and Range Province is flat desert.

2. According to the passage, what does the Great Basin lack?

(A) Snow (B) Dry air (C) Winds from the west (D) Access to the


3. The word “prevailing” in line 3 is closest in meaning to _______

(A) most frequent (B) occasional (C) gentle (D) most dangerous

4. It can be inferred that the climate in the Great Basin is dry because

(A) the weather patterns are so turbulent (B) the altitude prevents precipitation

(C) the winds are not strong enough to carry moisture (D) precipitation falls in the nearby


5. The word “it” in line 4 refers to _______

(A) Pacific Ocean (B) moist air (C) the west (D) the Great Basin

6. Why does the author mention “cottonwoods and willows” in line 8?

(A) To demonstrate that certain trees require a lot of water

(B) To give examples of trees that are able to survive in a difficult environment

(C) To show the beauty of the landscape of the Great Basin

(D) To assert that there are more living organisms in the Great Basin than there used to be

7. Why does the author mention Owens Valley, Panamint Valley, and Death Valley in the second paragraph?

(A) To explain their geographical formation

(B) To give examples of depressions that once contained water

(C) To compare the characteristics of the valleys with the characteristics of the lakes

(D) To explain what the Great Basin is like today

8. The words “the former” in line 13 refer to _______

(A) Lake Bonneville (B) Lake Lahontan (C) the Great Salt Lake (D) Pyramid Lake

9. The word “accumulated” in line 19 is closest in meaning to

(A) dried (B) flooded (C) collected (D) evaporated

10. According to the passage, the Ice Ages often brought about

(A) desert formation (B) warmer climates (C) broken valleys (D) wetter weather


Rewrite each sentence in such a way that it means almost the same as the one printed before it.

Use the word in brackets without making any change to it.

1. The Beatles had their first hit record in 1962, and we all know their story from that time on.


→ It was ___________________________________________________

2. Tourism must develop harmoniously with the environment. (harmony)

→ It is essential ______________________________________________

3. Whenever we meet, he asks me the same questions. (keeps)

→ Every _______________________________________________________________

4. They didn’t realize their plan because they lacked support. (fallen)

→ With some _______________________________________________

5. After the accident, an ambulance took him to hospital. (hospitalized)

→ He had an ________________________________________________

6. The aim of the project is to reduce homelessness. (providing)

→ The project is _____________________________________________

7. Doctors almost always take a patient’s temperature first. (place)

→ It is standard ______________________________________________

8. Don’t mention it when we are with other people. (company)

→ I’d rather ________________________________________________

9. Your study is the most important thing now; anything else can wait. (precedence)

→ Your study should take _____________________________________

10. He was sacked only because he was inefficient. (off)

→ To put it _________________________________________________

Đáp án

PART ONE. Multiple choice (20 pts)

1.C 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.A 10.D

11.C 12.A 13.A 14.A 15.D 16.B 17.D 18.B 19.B 20.A

PART TWO. Word Forms (40 pts)

1. expertise

2. impressionable

3. ineptitude

4. defenceless / defenseless

5. outcry

6. passably

7. cash-strapped

8. non-negotiable

9. acquittal

10. disclaimed

(11) discriminatory

(12) abortions

(13) immunized / immunised

(14) worse

(15) considerably

(16) widens

(17) resentment

(18) forcibly

(19) intolerant

(20) involvement


PASSAGE A (30 pts)

1. D. keep

2. C. suggests

3. B. turn

4. D. cause

5. A. trials

6. B. promising

7. A. distance

8. C. signs

9. B. scanned

10. C. reduced

11. D. At

12. A. volume

13. B. promote

14. C. For example

15. A. brisk

PASSAGE B (30 pts)

(1) its

(2) group

(3) exactly

(4) everyone/body / others

(5) immune

(6) chemicals

(7) new

(8) control

(9) sense

(10) putting

(11) ease

(12) feelings

(13) humor

(14) actually

(15) serious

PASSAGE C (30 pts)

(1) increasingly

(2) vary

(3) guide

(4) consecutive

(5) faced

(6) effectively

(7) still

(8) values / philosophy

(9) instructions / orders

(10) return

(11) work

(12) especially

(13) therefore

(14) client

(15) sums

PART FOUR. Reading Comprehension (20 pts)

1. (C) The Great Basin is in the northern part of the Basin and Range Province.

2. (D) Access to the ocean

3. (A) most frequent

4. (D) precipitation falls in the nearby mountains

5. (B) moist air

6. (B) To give examples of trees that are able to survive in a difficult environment

7. (B) To give examples of depressions that once contained water

8. (B) Lake Lahontan

9. (C) collected

10. (D) wetter weather


1. It was in 1962 that the Beatles had their first hit record, and the rest is history.

2. It is essential that tourism (should) develop in harmony with the environment.

3. Every time we meet, he keeps asking me the same questions.

4. With some support, their plan wouldn’t have fallen through.

5. He had an accident and was hospitalized in an ambulance.

6. The project is aimed at providing houses for the homeless.

7. It is standard practice/procedure for doctors to take a patient’s temperature in the first


8. I’d rather you didn’t mention it when we are in company.

9. Your study should take precedence over anything else now.

10. To put it simply, he was laid off because he was inefficient / of his inefficiency.

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