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Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10 Chọn Lọc

Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn các đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh 10 chọn lọc. Hãy theo dõi nhé. 

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Kỳ thi học sinh giỏi là một kỳ thi vừa giúp bạn phát triển bản thân, vừa giúp bạn làm đẹp hồ sơ nếu được giải thưởng cao, cũng như mở ra cho bạn những cơ hội trong tương lai. Trong bài viết này, KISS EnTrong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho các bạn các đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh 10 chọn lọc nhé.

Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10

Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10
Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10

Đề thi

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. sun B. sure C. succeed D. sort

2. A. measles B. tease C. please D. measure

3. A. new B. sew C. few D. nephew

4. A. thus B. with C. smooth D. maths

5. A. worked B. stopped C. forced D. wanted

Choose the word whose the primary stress differs from the other.

6. A. important B. headmaster C. interested D. motorbike

7. A. disappearance B. confusion C. acceptable D. impossible

8. A. polite B. accept C. custom D. provide

9. A. career B. about C. receive D. passage

10. A. kitchen B. enter C. behind D. people

II. Choose the most suitable word or phrase A, B, C or D to complete each sentence.

1. __________ he has never borrowed any money from me.

A. Last week

B. Up to now

C. Since

D. A week ago

2. ‘Go on, finish the food. It needs __________ up because it won’t stay fresh until tomorrow.

A. eat

B. eating

C. to eat

D. eaten

3. Before he left on his trip to America, the young man promised __________to his parents regularly.

A. writing

B. will write

C. to write

D. wrote

4. I’m on a(n) __________. I want to lose some weight.

A. excursion

B. exercise

C. diet

D. duet

5. Andrew couldn’t __________ himself laughing at the expression on Maggie’s face.

A. help

B. stop

C. escape

D. avoid

6. It looks like they’re going to succeed __________ their present difficulties.

A. despite

B. because of

C. even though

D. yet

7. This motorbike is very economical.

A. is inexpensive

C. doesn’t pollute the air

B. uses little petrol

D. is powerful

8. You must make them __________their homework.

A. do

B. did

C. to do

D. doing

9. No one in my neighborhood knew who the __________ man was.

A. dies

B. dead

C. died

D. death

10. Nam Cao devoted most of his time __________

A. in writing

B. to write

C. to writing

D. to have written

11. My brother sang __________ of all the pupils of the group.

A. more beautifully

B. the most beautifully

C. less beautifully

D. most beautifully

12. If you__________ to my advice in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

A. listen

B. will listen

C. had listened

D. listened

13. His government insisted that he __________ until he finished his task.

A. should

B. shall stay

C. stay

D. stayed

14. In Buckingham Palace two men work __________ to look after the 300 clocks.

A. fully

B. full-time

C. round-clock

D. full o’clock

15. My father still hasn’t really recovered from the death of my mother.

A. looked after

B. taken after

C. gone off

D. got over

16. I’ve been trying to __________ him all day.

A. fall in love with

B. take track of

C. take advantage of

D. keep in touch with

17. When the tenants failed to pay their bill, the authorities decided to _____ the gas supply to the flat.

A. cut down

B. cut out

C. cut off

D. cut up

18. She didn’t mind __________ going with her .

A. she

B. his

C. he

D. himself

19. She told him to shut up and get out.

A. stand up

B. clear up

C. be prepared

D. stop talking

20. Mexico was a Spanish colony.

A. a large coffee farm

C. an international company

B. a farming area

D. a place or a country that belongs to another country

III. Error identification:

1. Light can travels from the Sun to the Earth in eight minutes and twenty seconds.

A. Light

B. travels

C. in

D. seconds

2. How did you manage getting here so quickly?

A. How

B. did

C. getting

D. so

3. Ms Baker , she spent her life working with the health and welfare of the families of workers, is an successful woman in the world.

A. she

B. her life

C. welfare

D. the

4. My family lived in Hue since 1990 to 1996, but we are now living in Sai Gon.

A. lived

B. since

C. but

D. in

5. You’ve seen her new car, haven’t you? How is it like?

A. seen

B. have

C. How

D. like

6. Her well-known film, that won several awards, was about the life of Lenin.

A. well-known

B. that

C. about

D. of

7. Mr. Tam, who has a lot teaching skills at junior level, will be joining our school in August.

A. who

B. a lot

C. be joining

D. in

8. It is not until his father came home which he did his homework.

A. not until

B. came

C. which

D. did

9. The children are exciting about the field trip.

A. The

B. are

C. exciting

D. about

10. If I didn’t liked you, I wouldn’t invite you to my house.

A. If

B. didn’t liked

C. wouldn’t invite

D. to

IV. Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D, best fits each space.

Everyone wants to reduce pollution. But the pollution problem is (1)______ complicated as it is serious. It is complicated (2)______ much pollution is caused by things that benefit people. (3)______, exhaust from automobiles causes a large percentage of air pollution. But the automobile (4)______ transportation for millions of people. Factories discharge much (5)______ the material that pollutes the air and water, but factories give employment to a large number of people.

Thus, to end (6)_______ greatly reduce pollution immediately, people would have to (7)______ using many things that benefit them. Most of the people do not want to do that, of course. But pollution can be (8)______ reduced in several ways. Scientists and engineers can work to find ways to lessen the (9)______ of pollution that such things as automobiles and factories cause. Governments can pass and enforce laws that (10)______ businesses and traffic to stop, or to cut down on certain polluting activities.

1. A. as B. more C. less D. like

2. A. so B. while C. though D. because

3. A. Specific B. For example C. Such as D. Like

4. A. takes B. affords C. carries D. provides

5. A. about B. for C. of D. with

6. A. or B. and C. as well D. then

7. A. start B. continue C. stop D. go on

8. A. carefully B. unexpectedly C. gradually D. little

9. A. way B. figure C. number D. amount

10. A. forbid B. prevent C. request D. require

V. Read the passage and choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D for each question.

Aspirin’s origins go back at least as early as 1758. In that year, Englishman Edward Stone noticed a distinctive bitter flavor in the bark of the willow tree. To Stone, this particular bark seemed to have much in common with “Peruvian Bark”, which had been used medicinally since the 1640s to bring down fevers and to treat malaria. Stone decided to test the effectiveness of the willow bark. He obtained some, pulverized it into tiny pieces, and conducted experiments on its properties. His tests demonstrated that this pulverized willow bark was effective both in reducing high temperatures and in relieving aches and pains. In 1763, Stone presented his findings to the British Royal Society.

Several decades later, further studies in the medicinal value of the willow bark were being conducted by two Italian scientists. These chemists, Brugnatelli and Fontana, determined that the active chemical that was responsible for the medicinal characteristics in the willow bark was the chemical salicin, which is the active ingredient of today’s aspirin.

The name “aspirin” is the trade name of the drug based on the chemical salicin, properly known as acetylsalicylic acid. The trade name “aspirin” was invented for the drug in the 1890s by the Bayer Drug Company in Germany. The first bottles of aspirin actually went on sale to the public just prior to the turn of the century, in 1899.

1. According to the passage, aspirin originated

A. no later than 1758

B. sometime after 1785

C. definitely sometimes in 1758

D. no earlier than 1758

2. It can be inferred from the passage that Peruvian Bark

A. caused fevers

B. was ineffective in treating malaria

C. was described to the British Royal Society by Stone

D. was in use prior to aspirin

3. The pronoun “it” in line 5 refers to

A. malaria

B. willow bark

C. effectiveness

D. The British Royal Society

4. The word “properties” in line 5 could best be replaced by

A. ownership

B. body

C. characteristics

D. materials

5. What did the willow bark look like after Stone prepared it for his experiments?

A. It was in large chunks

B. It was a thick liquid

C. It was a rough powder

D. It was in strips of bark

6. The Italian chemists mentioned in the passage most probably conducted their studies on willow bark

A. in the 1750s

B. in the 1760s

C. in the 1770s

D. in the 1780s

7. What is true about Brugnatelli and Fontana?

A. They were from America

B. They added a chemical to the willow bark

C. They conducted studies on the willow bark

D. They were chemical doctors

8. The expression “prior to” in line 15 could best be replaced by _____.

A. at

B. before

C. during

D. after

9. The word “turn” in line 15 could best be replaced by

A. spin

B. corner

C. change

D. reversal

10. Where in the passage does the author name the scientific compound that makes up aspirin?

A. Lines 2-4

B. Line 7

C. Lines 8-9

D. Lines 12-13

VI. Fill in each blank with a suitable word.


I finished university six month (1)………….., I’ve got a degree in business administration. I enjoyed the course very much though I realize I should have studied a lot harder! A few of my friends have (2)……………got full-time jobs but most, me, are still waiting (3)………..… something suitable to turn up. Meanwhile, I make sure that I keep myself busy. I look through the job advertisements (4)…………… the newspapers every day and I also ask all the people I know to tell me if they hear of any vacancies (5)………………they work . What I am looking for is something challenging and I would certainly be happy to move to another city or even work abroad for a while. The (6)………….… is not so important at this stage , provided I earn enough to live on, because I don’t want to continue having to depend on my parents, although they are (7)………………..generous to me . At the moment, I’m working in a nearby restaurant two evenings (8)………………. week, washing up and generally helping out, which brings a little money. The other people working there are very friendly, and many of them are in the same (9)………………as me, so we have lots of to talk (10)…………………

VII. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given and other words to complete each sentence.

1. They are going to repair my car tomorrow.

I’m going to …………………………………………………….

2. The trip was so interesting that we couldn’t forget it.

It ………………………………………………………………….

3. Immediately after their arrival, things went wrong.

No sooner……………………………………………

4. If people drive faster, it is more dangerous.


5. Hearing that an earthquake had occurred was a great shock to us.

We were ……………………………………………………

6. John finds astronomy very interesting.

John is….. ………………………………………………….

7. If we took effective actions now, we could still save the rainforests.


8. I have never seen such beautiful pictures before.

These pictures……………………….. ……………………….

9. “Don’t forget to go to the supermarket after work”.

He reminded …………………………….. ………………….

10. It was a mistake of mine to park outside the police station.

I shouldn’t………………. ………………………………………….

VIII. Writing: Write a short paragraph (about 120 words) about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

Đáp án

Câu  I: (2 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,2 điểm:

1. B2. D3. B4. D5. D
6. A7. A8. C9. D10. C

Câu II: (4 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,2điểm:

1. B2. B3. C4. C5. A
6. A7. B8. A9. B10 C
11. B12. C13. C14. B15. D
16. D17. C18. B19. D20. D

Câu III: (2 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,2 điểm:

1. B2. C3. A4. B5. C
6. B7. B8. C9. C10. B

Câu IV: (2 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,2 điểm:

1. A2. D3. B4. D5. C
6. A7. C8. C9. D10. D

Câu V: (2 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,2 điểm:

1. A2. D3. B4. C5. C
6. D7. C8. B9. C10. D

Câu VI: (2 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,2 điểm:

1. ago2. already3. for4. in5. where
6. salary7. very8. a/per9. situation10. about

Câu VII: (3 điểm) – Mỗi câu đúng được 0,3 điểm:
1. I’m going to have my car repaired tomorrow.
2. It was such an interesting trip that we couldn’t forget it.
3. No sooner had they arrived than things went wrong
4. The faster people drive, the more dangerous it is.
5. We were (greatly/very) shocked to hear/when we heard that an earthquake had occurred
6. John is interested in astronomy.
7. Were we to take effective actions now, we could still save the rainforests.
8. These pictures are the most beautiful (that) I’ve ever seen
9. He reminded me/her/us/them to go to the supermarket after work.
10. I shouldn’t have parked outside the police station.

CÂU VIII: (3 điểm)
Yêu cầu:
+ Viết đúng bố cục của một bài luận.
+ Trình bày rõ ràng, sạch sẽ.
+ Không phạm nhiều lỗi về chính tả và ngữ pháp

Tải Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10 Có Đáp Án

Tải Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10 Có Đáp Án
Tải Đề Thi Học Sinh Giỏi Tiếng Anh 10 Có Đáp Án

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